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A Game of Thrones is *finally* given the green light

For those in the know, George R. R. Martin is indisputably the biggest name in Fantasy that is not dead (the one that is goes by the name of Tolkien).  His grand epic of Lords and Ladies and Bastards,

The shot that opens up HBO's A Game of Thrones, based off of the award winning Fantasy series by George R.R. Martin

A Saga of Ice and Fire, is four novels long, the shortest spanning more than 600 pages. The fifth entry, A Dance With Dragons, is 5 years in labor, and no reprieve is in sight. This aside, his fans make up a powerful force.

When it was announced way back in 2007 by Variety that HBO bought the rights to the Saga, the mass of fans were ecstatic. I was certainly one of them. I had just gotten off of HBO’s awesome ROME at the time, and I was desperate for another historical-politic piece. The fact the show would be based off of one of my most favorite fantasy series was just icing on the cake.

Of course, I did not expect it would take HBO three years to get around to directing the pilot, forget about actually broadcasting it. I am well aware that (most) good things comes to those that wait, but I was ignorant of how slow the process of making a TV show could be.  This could very well be a process unique to HBO. After all, most of their shows are downright fantastic, and are a much higher ratio of quality:quantity when compared to the regular cable shows, which seem to go through them like flies.

And there were certainly bumps along the road: stuff like rumors that the screening of the pilot to HBO executives were negative.

But Fortuna must have been smiling down on us poor geeks, for the rumors were for naught: as of Tuesday it was announced, on Martin’s very own Not a Blog that HBO had indeed given the go-ahead for A Game of Thrones. It’s not like we will be seeing the first episode any time soon though. Principal filming still won’t being until this Spring, and so we will have to wait until sometime in 2011 to finally see it.

It’ll be worth the wait. I have never seen an HBO show I have not liked. I fully expect A Game of Thrones to be no different.