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Why Do We Need God?

Don’t let it be said that I am not one to shy away from controversy. My very first post on this blog that has to deal with a real subject, and I ask the question why we need God.

And by God, I do not mean specifically the God of the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah. When I refer to God, I am just using that as a general term to describe the divine entity that makes up any religion. God, Yahweh, Allah, Zeus, Odin, whichever you decide. This is whom I am referring to when I say God – that invisible, all powerful and all knowing being in the sky.

Man has shown time and again that it needs authority. Man wants to be told what to do. Compare the numbers of Americans who will easily support one of the two big political parties, but will balk at the idea of supporting an independent. What about the minority of atheists when compared to the faithful?

In a somewhat famous verse in the Bible, Paul states that it is happier to be a slave under God than to be free. He meant his literally: Man wants to be told what to do. If every form of authority was removed from the world, we would be miserable. We love authority. We thrive off of it. We aspire to achieve it.

So, essentially, why I think we need God is thus: because we need authority. We need to be told what to do. Ideas of salvation, of inner peace are all icing on the cake. What we really want is direction, and we don’t think we can get that from ourselves. So we try looking up for the answer.