What do you get when you mix a volcanic eruption with a ligtning storm?

Something that is both terrifying and awe strucking all at the same time. If there is a God, this is how He’ll show His wrath. If He even can have such a human emotion.

What you see is the eruption of the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajökull (gotta love that name!). The ash clouds are so thick, planes all over are grounded. Nature never ceases to amaze. We humans can do amazing things, but rarely to something of the colossal prowess that the natural world can.

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I do believe I took enough of a break

Now that the Health Care Bill rage has died down, I do believe it is safe for me to depart from my cave.

I will *not* be talking about the Health Care Reform

I refuse to jump into the pools of thought known as Ignorance and Hot Heads. I would much prefer to jump into the pools of water with the signs Enlightenment and Cooler Heads, but alas they are nowhere in sight.

In the Name of Keeping the Image of an Active Blog…

I now present more awesome images!

“Dig in Deep”

There is no possibility that you can’t not be excited about this movie. Rodriguez is involved, and it seems to have an excellent sense of cinematography. Besides, it is an actual proper sequel to the Predator franchise. No more of those horrid Aliens vs. Predators films. We have the real deal here: a jungle environment, with a ragtag group of humans fighting off against a group of Predators.

Of course, it makes one wonder how they will survive. One Predator killed off all of Schwarzenegger’s squad in the first. And I don’t see the Terminator himself amongst the cast. Chances are, no one is getting out of this alive.

Then again, this is Hollywood we are talking about.

Texas Conservatives Win the Privilege to Rewrite History

Source: New York Times

A few weeks ago, I posted two images from a politically minded comic strip contrasting the fears of Orwell and Huxley. I was of the opinion that Huxley was more on the right track than Orwell was. I never made any reservations that Wells wasn’t right about no thing, however.

Before you continue reading, please read the article above. From this point on, I will assume that you have read the article, and any confusion given unto you from will be of no fault on my own.

Now that we have that out-of-the-way, let us examine the sheer horror of this situation. A political faction, in one of the largest states in the Country, has taken upon itself to drastically change the perspectives of future generations to being in favor of their ideas. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, this seems awfully familiar to what a great deal of dark minded dictators have done in the past. Look at any modern tyranny and dictatorship, and you would see them doing the exact thing.

This is different from propaganda. Propaganda is just a drastic shift in perspective, usually relying on fear or ignorance. This is absolute control.

But honestly now, how can we be surprised? To be shocked at these turn of events is just naivety. We have seen our political leaders lie to our faces, send our troops to die into a war that was not necessary, steal our tax dollars from under our feet, use the Constitution as a means to wiping away their filth, and other horrid things of note. To take upon the role of political office in America has ceased to be a position of duty. It is now a seat of power and manipulation.

We should not be angry at these people. After all, it is only natural for the corrupt to take advantage of a power vacuum. If you wish to see who you should be screaming at, you need only look into the mirror. We should have not even given these individuals the chance to even ponder the possibility of running for office. Instead, not only did we give them the opportunity, we lauded them with praise for every corruption of our trust.

America was once a place for the people. The People is a dead thing, replaced by the mob, directed by the Strong.

Let me the honor of posting some awesome images

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